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You're Forgetting These 3 Things Before Your Photoshoot!

As your trusted photography partner, we want to ensure that your listing is looking its absolute best so that we can capture stunning images that will elevate both your listing, and your image.

We are more than happy to provide some light staging while we complete your photoshoot, but the prep that happens before we arrive, is key.

Your listing may be clean and tidy, but you're forgetting 3 key checklist items that make a huge impact:

1. You're Not Using Lightbulbs that Are All the Same Temperature 💡

Lighting is one of the most important factors in photography, and consistency is key. To achieve beautiful, balanced lighting, it's crucial to use lightbulbs that emit the same color temperature. Mixing warm and cool lighting can create uneven and unflattering results in your photos. Action Item: Before your photoshoot, take a quick tour of your location and ensure that all light sources match in color temperature. Use this opportunity to replace any burnt out bulbs as well. This will help us capture your best angles with consistent and visually appealing lighting.

2. The Homeowners' Personal Photographs Are Displayed Around The House 🖼️

Photos of faces naturally pull people in and pique curiosity — it's human nature. And when a buyer sees personal photography in the home, they'll be reminded that someone else lives here, distracting them from imagining their life unfolding in this house. Action Item: Take a few moments to go through the space and temporarily relocate any personal photographs or artwork that may be prominently displayed in the areas where the shoot will take place. You may even consider replacing them with general landscape/object photographs or art.

3. The Beds Aren't Made as Neatly as Possible 🛏️

Nothing screams "attention to detail" more than a well-made bed. Neatly arranged bedding not only enhances the overall aesthetics of your photos but also provides a polished and inviting look. Whether it's the primary bedroom, guest room, or any other space, don't forget to give those linens some love! Action Item: Prior to the shoot, ensure that all beds in the areas we'll be photographing are impeccably made. Smooth out wrinkles, fluff up pillows, and arrange the bedding neatly to create a welcoming atmosphere that will shine through in the photos.

These seemingly small details can make a significant impact on the final images.

By checking off these three essential items, you'll be well on your way to a successful and visually stunning photoshoot.

We're here to make your photoshoot experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Want more staging tips? Click below to access our Prep Sheet!

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