We are a rapidly growing Real Estate Photography company that is now expanding into Texas and are looking for dynamic self-starters. This is an assisted self-employment opportunity.



You must;

  • be at least 18 years of age

  • be able to carry 30lbs (15kg)

  • be able to walk for 30 minutes without discomfort 

  • have 20/20 vision (corrected or non-corrected)

  • have a method of transportation for your local area

  • be a legal resident of the country in which you live

  • be able to work alone 

  • be punctual and reliable

  • feel comfortable in social and professional situations

  • have income or savings to cover four months living expenses



       You will operate your own business as a photographer, and our company, Real Image Pros, will partner with you. We support your business by handling all of the administrative duties. We will set up a local phone number and handle all of the client interaction as far as sales (client-initiated phone, email), scheduling, questions, and pricing. We will also provide all image/video processing and delivery. Finally, we will handle all of the billing and collections, and we will guarantee your invoices so you will always get paid even if the client doesn't pay. 

   Additionally, we provide an in-depth training course that covers industry-specific techniques for photography, videography, drone operation, staging, client interaction, and marketing and business development. This training is required, and there is a cost to this training as outlined below. You will need to provide your own photo and video equipment, and this equipment must meet our standard of capability. You will find a recommended equipment list below. We do not provide general liability insurance. It is up to the individual photographer to decide whether or not to get it, but we do recommend it.

   Once you have built your client base by making introductions in your local area, we will schedule your appointments as they come in. All you have to do is photograph the property as specified in the order and upload the unedited image files in RAW format. We do the rest.



    You will be responsible for growing your market and acquiring new clients in your area. We will support your marketing efforts via our branding, website, Facebook page, Instagram, Google, and regular email blasts, as well as by providing you with printed materials (business cards, flyers, postcards). The best marketing method is meeting and introducing yourself to real estate agents in your area. Offer them your business card and a marketing flyer (if it’s common in your area). They usually want to have a personal connection with the photographer they are working with, and you will have the benefit of the Real Image Pros branding. This will help them to feel confident that you will provide a quality product at a reasonable price. 



    You will receive a payment equal to 55% of the gross invoiced amount generated by your services every two weeks. From time to time there may be additional payments added for mileage, some types of video work, etc. Your bi-weekly payments will be sent electronically. You will be responsible for your own expenses and taxes.


    We offer two methods for training: an Online Course and a Local Workshop. After the completion of either method, you will have access to our tech support team, and receive updates and ongoing training as we develop new services and techniques, and we will keep you informed as the industry evolves and new equipment becomes available. You will also have access to the online Real Image Pros Team Community where all of our partners are free to meet each other, talk about their experiences, ask questions, and discuss the industry. 


The Online Course

  Some individuals with previous photography experience who understand camera settings, composition, and exposure may want to utilize the Online training option since it will help them to get started faster, and this training method is free of charge. 

  The online course covers camera settings, framing theory, techniques, and staging guidelines that will be applied at a photoshoot. It also covers the infrastructure utilized by our office including file transfer, invoicing, and scheduling. After the new photographer becomes familiar with the Training Guide, they will review the material with our trainer and photograph a few test rooms of their choosing. These test images will be critiqued and suggestions will be provided. They can then choose to attend a workshop in the future if they like.

The Workshop

The workshop will last five (or more) days and consist of two parts. Classroom and One-On-One tutoring. 

  In the first three days, our instructor will cover the basics of camera settings and functionality, staging a property, framing theory, and photo guidelines in the classroom setting. This will be a casual discussion format to make sure that everyone can ask questions as needed. 

  Next is the One-On-One tutoring. Our instructor will work directly with you as you shoot an entire flat, room by room. This will provide you with real-world experience and the opportunity to ask further questions. Your tutoring will be two multi-hour sessions on two consecutive days. The last day will be a short session in the classroom to wrap things up and discuss services and pricing, the calendar, bi-weekly invoice, and DropBox.

  Even if you are an experienced photographer, we recommend attending the entire workshop since it is an opportunity to ask questions and become familiar with our process. However, you may choose to skip the first day if you are comfortable shooting in full-manual mode, and you feel confident in your understanding of exposure and camera functionality. 

Photographers who complete this workshop will also receive a Real Image Pros Certified Photographer badge and digital icon to proudly display. 


  Cost: The full workshop is $500 plus $200 for each additional tutoring day or additional service training. If you would like to skip the first day, the cost will be reduced by $100. The cost of the workshop must be paid via Visa or Mastercard on your first attended day.


 Additional Days: If you would like to learn real estate video production, drone operation, floor plan creation, or 360 tour photography, please let us know in advance so we can add an additional day of tutoring for each additional service. Each additional service you learn makes you more attractive to your clients and results in higher sales.


  Location: The next workshop will be held in Atlanta GA. You will be responsible for your own travel and accommodations. We will provide dates as soon as they are available. 

Equipment List:


  1. DSLR or Mirrorless Camera. Full Frame, APS-C, and M4/3 are acceptable although we recommend an APS-C format because of the lower cost and variety of lenses, as well as high-quality image capability. 

  2. Autofocus Lens with a minimum 100-degree FOV (14mm FF, 10mm APS-C, 7mm M4/3 non-fisheye). A zoom lens is preferable although it may not be available in every format. 

  3. Hot-Shoe mounted adjustable flash with a clip-on diffuser. We recommend the Godox 350 series flashes for their quality and functionality at an affordable price.

  4. Professional photo tripod with a ball head and bubble level. It’s very important that the tripod is sturdy and has a ball-type head. You will need the control it allows. 

  5. Remote shutter release. It can be wired or wireless. 

  6. Memory Cards (four 16gb recommended).

  7. Extra Flash and Camera Batteries.

  8. Camera Bag.



  1. Drone Photo and Video:

    1. Drone with GPS/Guidance system and 12mp camera or better. Anafi Parrot, DJI Phantom or Mavic series or similar. 

  2. Real Estate Video:

    1. Three-Axis Camera Gimbal (for your camera).

    2. Phone Mount (for gimbal).

    3. Wide Angle Attachable Lens (for your phone).

  3. 360 Tours:

    1. Ricoh Theta V 4k 360 Spherical Camera (or similar).

    2. Smatree Q3 Telescoping Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand (or similar).

  4. Floor Plans:

    1. Modern Smartphone or Tablet.

    2. Magic Plan App.

    3. Distance Measuring App.

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Service area includes the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, North Georgia, Knoxville, Easter Tennessee, Austin, San Antonio, Central Texas, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Prague Czech Republic.